Hi, I'm Renae! Your Subscription Box Sidekick.

Join me for an upcoming Social Media Planning Party!

Do you wish you had...

🔥 Someone to help keep you accountable and develop a social media strategy... 


If struggle to know what and where to post social content this is for you. 


Through training videos, worksheets, and group coaching we will work together to get you consistently creating and posting to the social media platforms where your ideal subscribers hang out.  

🔥 Ideas generated for you so didn't have to always struggle thinking about what to post....


After four years behind the scenes in the subscription box business and helping box owners grow their platforms I've learned what and how to generate engagement on social platforms. 


I will show you what type of content to post and each month I'll deliver an idea board that's packed with content you can customize and post. 

🔥 Time to sit down and batch content so you could sit back the rest of the month and work on other aspects of your business...


We will meet in a Live Video Call the 4th Tuesday of each month to help you do work together. I am here to keep you accountable and make social media less stressful for you in 2021. You'll batch out content so when the first of the month rolls around you can focus on other aspects of your business because your social is scheduled. 

What to expect

⬆️ Actual footage of a recent Zoom coaching call ⬆️

Each month you will get access to new modules and a PDF with:
🔥 A Statistics Tracker to help you keep track of your current social stats and review what worked best for you the previous month before. 
🔥 A Priority Matrix so you can get your to dos down on paper and priority based on most important and most urgent. 
🔥 An idea Board packed with ideas to just grab, customize, and post. Some examples of the prompts that are included in January are "Share one of your Favorite Hacks" and "Post a sneak peek of something coming soon." Each month these ideas will be different.
🔥 Important Dates in the month so you have inspiration to post. There are National Holidays like MLK Jr. Day but also fun days like Get to Know Your Customer Day... which is January 21st. 
🔥 Hashtag ideas so you can use and gain traction on your posts. 
🔥 Planning sheets so you can dream up your content on pen and paper before scheduling.

Along with the PDF you'll also get video trainings from me in the Member Vault and then once a month (the 4th Tuesday of the month so the first one is January 26th at 12PM EST) we'll all jump on together for a guided meeting where you'll get to hear me discuss content related questions, give tips, and then we'll carve out time to do the work and batch and schedule social media content so you can get a jump start on the month ahead. 💥 The Zoom call will be recorded so if you can not attend live you will be able to watch at a later time. 

AND Because we are starting the first one for February content and it's only mid- January you get all those PDF pages I talked about above for both JANUARY AND FEBRUARY as a thank you for signing up for the Beta Round. We'll have other fun things I include too but I’m leaving those as surprised and you’ll find out once you enroll.

Learn more about Renae

Renae is the founder of Sub Box Creative, helping subscription box owners with their marketing and creative strategy, and the (award-winning) Director of Customer Experience at Sparkle Hustle Grow.


She is the hype girl you need to get your marketing and customer service on point. When not camping in her travel trailer with her family, you'll find her looking for cheap flights to Hawaii or planning the neighborhood food drive. If you need a partner-in-crime in your business journey Renae is your girl!  

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